About Us

CFM International endeavours: through its Governance policy is to empower all its associates to achieve their predetermined goals, clearly defining their vision and rolling out their respective mission for which they believed they were called. Which adds to the collective strength of the Body to; not only impact the “Kingdom of God”, but society as a whole, the country, the church-the “Ecclesia” making a difference.

CFM International is able to assist all associates including all future graduates to practice as a religious leader vetting them and thereby ensuring that all associates maintain their annual required scoring to practice as recognised religious leader.

This will ensure that all Religious Practitioners are registered and fully comply with the requirements Council for General Ministry Practitioners CGMP a sub council for the ACRP which is the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners who are now recognised by SAQA- the South African Qualifications Authority who will provide authority to religious practitioners to practice.

Not only will the practitioner have to register with SAQA, but the applicant will have to be submitted and recommended through a recognised legal UMBRELLA body such as CFM International.

 Thus CFM International will ordain candidates who intend entering ministry to Practice as Ordained Ministers once they comply with all required standards and provided they comply with the Ethics, , Constitution, and Confession of Faith, demonstrating their willingness to partake of Christian Principles (C), collective Fellowship as a body (F) and fulfilling the call through ministry (M)….CFM. 

Members that qualify are recommended to Home Affairs as Marriage Officers.

Members are required to pay a monthly membership fee to Head Office that is reviewed on a yearly or per annum basis.

ATS will be the preferred Theological Institution for further Theological Training and Development of our members.

We as collective body intend to maintain strong adherents in our quest for sound doctrine.