Benefits of belonging to CFM

  1. Membership of a legally registered Church body that carries approval and is fully compliant to be recognised to operate as a “Religious Umbrella Organization
  2. Ordination by a Church organization registered with the Department of Home Affairs.
  3. Recommendation to Home Affairs as a Marriage Officer for those that qualify.
  4. Assistance in becoming a registered Religious Practitioner.
  5. Assistance with recognition of previous training and experience by SAQA to give entrance to further SAQA recognised training and development.
  6. Training and further training with a Theological Institution that is registered with the department of Education and SAQA recognised, up to Doctorate level.
  7. Fellowship with other ministers in your area and nationally.
  8. Exposure to experienced, well trained, born again and Spirit filled Theologians for advice and guidance on doctrine, and practise.
  9. The right to maintain an independent ministry in line with sound biblical theology, our constitution, and membership requirements.
  10. Advice on practical ministry questions and problems, and doctrines.
  11. Ministry Mentoring for personal, leadership and Ministry Development
  12. Exposure on all media platforms via the web, Facebook, Zoom etc.
  13. Working Relationship with a SAQUA accredited Theological Seminary.
  14. Access to Legal support and legal counselling
  15. Access to Administrative services and auditing
  16. Part of a Global fraternity of fellowship.