CFM was first registered and recognised as a church by The Department of Home Affairs in 2003.

CFM has undergone significant changes recently as a body in view of its historical legacy and concerning the way forward.

Of which many of the changes were motivated by the political and religious climate not only in our country but worldwide which could have impacted the historical legacy vision and mission of CFM that could have perhaps impair the vision of this body.

So based upon a lot of soul searching, which included counsel with different church leaders, and legal advice it was decided to re-register CFM as an umbrella body to govern and support all non-denominational Church bodies;  National as well as International.

At the re-registration of CFM International the organization was registered as a fully-fledged Section 21 company.

Hence CFM International is non-denominational body of independent ministries, all over South-Africa, and some neighbouring countries of Southern Africa. There are currently 256 qualified ordained minister’s operative inside the Umbrella body of whom 65 are registered marriage officers.

CFM International proactively paved the way to facilitate all independent ministries inside of an umbrella body and thereby paving the way for all of its associates to comply with all the intended statutory laws of government that are current and under review for religious practitioners.